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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet consistently does much more than extend the life of your carpet, it gives you the important benefit of a healthy indoor environment. Clean Carpets are the foundation of a healthy home, protecting your family from germs and allergens.

Techniques for Carpet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation- Carpet is treated with foam dry cleaning compounds agitated with the equipment, spreading uniformly through the carpet fibers. Any soil will be encapsulated and brought up to the surface where it crystallizes and is easily vacuumed away after drying. Carpet normally dries within 30 minutes to 2 hours. Protector can also be applied in the same simple process without additional moisture application. Safe for children and pets.

Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is recommended for more heavily soiled situations. Utilizing very hot water and cleaning agents applied under variable pressure, this method normally gives better results for pet problems or spills. Completely safe for children and pets and usually dries in 12-18 hours, depending on conditions. It is also the method most carpet manufactures recommend for annual cleaning to maintain their warranty.


Carpet Cleaning Services

Why Choose Acclaimed Home Services?

  • Reliability – Acclaimed has been providing quality service for over 30 years. That’s a long time! You don’t stay in business that long without giving your customers what they want: a quality job, backed by great service and the willingness to stand behind our work. We are committed to doing the job right.
  • Quality Equipment – You can’t do a professional job without professional equipment. That’s why we’ve invested in the highest quality equipment on the market today. Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning systems do the job best, leaving your carpets clean and fresh.
  • Quality Staff –  Our trained operators are second to none.  They are all certified trained technicians who are courteous, professional, uniformed, background checked, and drug tested. Our operators are expertly prepared to take care of your carpet, protecting your investment at every turn.
  • Value – We deliver top quality cleaning in your home. Our technicians do the job right and listen to your needs. Our commitment is to do the job safely and effectively while providing the highest level of cleaning. Other companies cut corners when they cut price. We invite the comparison.

Recommended Steps Taken Before Having Your Carpet Cleaned

  1. Vacuum Carpet thoroughly.
  2. Remove any small items like photographs, knick knacks, small table lamps or anything with glass.
  3. We do not move any furnishings that are too heavy, awkward, costly, delicate or fragile such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, electronics, breakables, beds, and/or items that cannot be easily replaced.
  4. If you recently painted any walls in your home, we recommend waiting 48 hours before steam cleaning your carpets.
  5. If you recently had any water damage to your home, we recommend you have a restoration company thoroughly dry the structure or carpet before steam cleaning to prevent microbial growth.
Carpet Cleaning Services

Call Us Today and Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning Services

Acclaimed offers professional carpet cleaning services. We use effective and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and well-trained personnel to get your home or office carpet clean and fresh.

Please give us a call on 703-451-3000 and one of our professional will assist you.

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