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Hardwood Floor Polishing Services


Hardwood Floor Polishing Services

Although genuine wood flooring can be expensive, caring for it doesn’t have to be. Over time, every day wear and tear that can occur from pets, spills, traffic, high heel shoes and furniture can gradually dull the appearance of your wood floors.



Reviving your wood floors may be a good option without breaking the bank on expensive sanding and refinishing. Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned is a less costly alternative. We believe your hardwood floors can and should always look new. The key is to keep them in good shape before you have to go through the time, expense and inconvenience of sanding and refinishing.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor Polishing Services

Hardwood flooring is a way of giving your home a natural touch. Wood panels are laid in an orderly way such that wide gaps do not lie in between. To fill up tiny pores and to give it a smoother look, hardwood floors undergo layers of polishing. That is where the crucial part starts. Not any layman but only expert hardwood floor polishing services professionals could take up polishing job really well.

Hardwood floor polishing services are not just a one time job. After a span of time, floors require maintenance and to revitalize the essence of hardwood floors, periodic polishing is necessary. Choosing the most suitable hardwood floor polishing services professionals require skepticism and being critical. Here are some of the things to be considered while choosing the best hardwood floor polishing services:

Hardwood Floor Polishing

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

So you say you can dust-mop that soil off the floor, but what about the soil that is more heavily stuck to the floor?  How about the sticky residues from spilled beverages and foods that get tracked around, or the oily residues that settles on the hardwood floor when you cook?  I’ve seen hardwood floors that are so dirty that you can’t begin to get it clean with over the counter cleaning solutions and a mop.  There’s nothing like walking into a restaurant where you can see their floors are filthy because they don’t know how to clean their wood floors properly.

I’ve also seen people unknowingly put a layer of acrylic on their wood floors, using every day off the shelf name brand products, thinking they are cleaning and polishing their floors.  Some will get a white build up of this polish that begins to show every foot print and ruins the appearance of their wood floors.

Wax is another big no-no with hardwood floors.  It will also create a smeared build-up on wood floors, showing every step you take.

We can take care of your hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate floors for you.  We have the commercial equipment that gives us the ability to remove stubborn soils that you can’t remove.  We can also remove that white build-up of polish/acrylic that you have put on the wood floor, ruining its appearance over time.

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