Does Your Carpet Need Stretching?

If You Want to Preserve Your Flooring Investment, Then Yes!
“We hired Acclaimed Home Services to stretch our carpet that had some challenging wrinkles. Rick did an awesome job! We are very happy with the results.”
– Casey A.

Carpet Stretching Has Incredible Benefits

If it’s been a while or several years since your carpets were first installed, they’ve likely adjusted to heat, humidity, and wear, causing wrinkles or buckling.
Basic knee kicker tools won’t be effective, either, resulting in quick-fix results that quickly revert back to loosening and wrinkling again. With Acclaimed Home Services, you can expect proper carpet stretching the right way and with the right tools. As a result, you can expect:

Proper Carpeting Tensions That Last
Professional Use of Carpet Stretching Tools
Precise Carpet Fit to Prolong Its Lifespan
Lifetime Warranty
“I’ve been working with Rick of Acclaimed Home Services for carpet cleaning, repairs, and replacement for several years for both my rental property and my residence.
They have always been great. They can get out lots of stains, and dingy colored carpet, repairs (patches/stretches) look seamless, and new carpet installations have been great. They are very easy to work with, offer good advice, and are great at finding solutions for difficult problems in an older home. I intend to continue working with them for years to come.” 
– Evan G.

We Do Carpet Repairs, Too

Carpet repair solutions are more affordable than carpet replacement! From split seams to carpet taping and remnant patching, Acclaimed Home Services can do it all.