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Carpet Repair And Stretching Services


Why Carpet Stretching Is Required?

Stretching is done because carpets are not installed correctly, to begin with. When time, heat, humidity and/or general wear and tear are factored into the wall to wall carpeting, the result is a carpet that has expanded to a size that is greater than the room it is installed in and it wrinkles because there is too much material that has to go somewhere. In order to correct this problem, carpet stretching must be required.

Role of Good Tools In Carpet Stretching

If just a basic knee kicker is used, the job will NOT be done properly and next year the carpets will likely wrinkle again. The reason for this is that once something is broken, it often takes more work to correct it then it would have to do it right the first time. This is why a carpet stretcher must be used as opposed to just a knee kicker. A knee kicker alone is not capable of stretching a carpet once it has wrinkled, it barely does the job when the carpet is new and even then can only keep the carpet flat and unwrinkled for a year or two in many cases. Once a carpet has wrinkled, it needs a bit of overcompensating in order to properly flatten out the wrinkles and prevent them for reappearing. Consider that once wrinkles appear, we have to not only remove the wrinkles but we also have to then stretch the carpet to the proper tension that it should have had from the initial installation.

Why Professional Only?

Nowadays, there are specials for installing carpet in an entire house for as low as $39. This simply can’t be done and the large chain stores are usually more interested in making a sale than providing a quality installation. Even though they most likely pay their installers more than $39 for the whole house (the extra cost is built into the price of the carpet), the way the installers make money is by volume, not by the quality of installation. They may offer a one year warranty on their work but typically carpets wrinkle just over a year it is installed with a knee kicker. If the client is lucky enough to have the carpet wrinkle within the first year and it is fixed under warranty, they get the same “quality” installation with a knee kicker that they received on their initial installation but this time the “re-stretch” only has to last the outstanding duration of the one year warranty. Every time a re-stretch is done with a knee kicker, a homeowner usually needs to take time off of work and move lots of their personal contents just to have a problem corrected that they never should have had in the first place. All the while unknowingly  being able to count down to 366 days when they will have to do it all over again and if it is past the one year warranty of the initial install, they will have to continue the process and pay for a “bargain” re-stretch. It is always cheapest to do something right the first time and if you were not fortunate enough to have that opportunity on the first installation of your homes carpet, don’t repeat the mistake this time. Get it done right and you will not have to deal with this problem ever again.

Carpet Stretching Services

How Acclaimed Can Help You?

Work Guarantee

We offer a 3 year warranty on our stretching because we know we use the correct tool for the job and we also know how to utilize the tolls needed. There are many ways to approach solving any problem and carpet stretching is a problem with a solution. The difference is what tools are used to fix the problem and which way the correction is applied. Every technician has options as to which way is the best way to re-stretch a carpet. They can opt to do it the most expensive way that is not necessary because the same or better result might be possible while still saving the client money.

Affordable Prices

We strive to do great work at a fair price. We always look out for our clients best interests even if it hurts our potential sales for the day. We would rather be upfront and honest and get repeat business and word of mouth advertising than to get an extra $20 or even $100 one time, it just makes good business sense.


We have been doing carpet stretching for 15 years and we stand behind our work. When you call us we can give you a quote over the phone that is very accurate based on your description of the work that needs to be done. Once we have set a date for the work to be done, we will show up that day with the intention of completing your job, if anything is different than what we quoted over the phone we will be able to tell you exactly why it is different and by how much it is different in terms of cost, even if it is in your favor. If we are having a very off day and the job we thought we quoted was just not what we found when we arrive, simply tell us no thank you and there will be no cost to you for the assessment of the work needed to re-stretch the carpets. It is a no win situation for our clients.

Military & Senior Citizen Discounts

We offer a 10% discount to the active and retired military as well as our wiser clients, that are 65+ years old.

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Acclaimed offers professional carpet stretching services. We use effective olutions and well-trained personnel to get your carpet in its best shape. Contact us today for a free quote.